At ZAATARZ Bakery we are in love with producing high-quality food. We care about the people who produce our food, and the ones that consume it. We know that by providing wholesome and healthy food options, we improve the lives of our family and yours.

I, Fatima Fayad, am the owner of ZAATARZ Bakery & Sweets. I came to Canada at the age of 15. I worked several jobs in many different sectors yet my heart and passion has always been food. I started this company with no money in my pocket but total love for food in my heart. Thanks to the support and confidence of my daughter she pushed me to take this leap of faith, and I have never regretted a single moment. I cook with my heart and only prepare the best quality foods. At ZAATARZ we ensure the authenticity of the food we prepare and always try and ensure every customer feels like “The Taste of Home”. I’ve enjoyed several years of business in London, ON taking the traditions and recipes from our home town in Kab Elias, Lebanon and bringing the “family style Middle Eastern breakfast/lunch setting” to London, ON. We know that Food tastes better when you eat with your family, and we consider all of you family!